External power supplies enable remote powering of sensors. Internal power supply options are also available. One remote power supply module can power:

  • Up to five electrochemical or oxygen sensors.
  • Up to three combustible sensors.

Sampling pumps are available to bring a remote sample to a sensor. Sampling modules are available in GP and XP versions of aspirated and pumped modules.

Duct mount kits allow users to monitor air within ductwork. A quick-disconnect fitting enables calibration gas to reach the sensor without having to remove the duct-mounted sensor.

Strobes and horns offer prominent visual and audible indications of system alerts.

Remote display modules provide the ability to remotely view gas monitor status.

Filters for sample conditioning remove particulate liquids from the sample stream.

Trigard Gas Monitor with custom configuration

Suprema Controller with additional relays and custom configuration.

Multigard Gas Monitor with custom flow scheme and sensor options. Can sample up to 32 points.