The control system 9010/9020 SIL provides maximum flexibility, simple operation, high reliability and superb performance at considerably reduced costs. In combination with the large range of MSA gas sensors, the 9010/9020 SIL excels in a variety of industrial applications there could be a presence of dangerous gas concentrations. The 9010 SIL control module processes signals from one gas sensor while the 9020 SIL processes signals from two independent gas sensors. ATEX II (1)G (2)G, SIL 2 FM, CCCF, EAC, performance approval in RU, KZ

The GasGard XL is a multi-channel wall mount controller for monitoring toxic, oxygen and flammable gases in industrial plants. It can be easily configured to accept up to eight remote gas sensors, depending on the number of individual plug-in input cards installed. The large, easy-to-read, multi-language LCD graphic display allocates real time information on target gas levels and events, allowing full system diagnosis, supported by individual LEDs per channel, relays and internal buzzer. ATEX II (1)G (2)G, SIL 2 CSA, CCCF, EAC, performance approval in RU, KZ, BY

SUPREMATouch is a gas and fire warning system for large area measuring and monitoring in
industries and small or medium size plants. It can be used with a wide range of detectors
including flammable and toxic gas, oxygen, smoke, fire and heat and manual call points.
The SUPREMATouch includes a large colour touchscreen display for easier and user-friendly
operation, enhanced processing power and addressable fire and detector capability. Latest
hardware and software technology permits simple planning, installation, configuration,
integration and operation.
The compact, modular design of the SUPREMATouch allows it to be economically tailored for
each application and be extended and adapted any time to meet changing sensor and alarm
Designed around standard industrial 19” racks, SUPREMATouch provides signal processing for
up to 256 inputs and 512 outputs and the ability to distribute the system over up to 8 racks
using satellites to minimise installation cost.

ATEX II (1)G (2)G, SIL 3
CSA, CCCF, EAC, performance approval in RU, KZ, BY

The CHILLGARD RT is a single or multipoint gas warning system suitable for all industrial refrigeration systems or chillers be it production or research operations, food cold storage or meat packing operations. It allows precise monitoring of the smallest refrigerant concentrations and detection of leak locations. The instrument works for months with very little deviation from the zero point. Due to its excellent detector stability, unlike other products, the zero point adjustment can be reduced to once a year. The CHILLGARD RT generates the signals required to initiate audible and visible alarms.

The CHILLGARD M-100 refrigerant sensor is designed to detect the presence of the most common halogenated refrigerants in cold storage facilities, mechanical equipment rooms and other refrigerant applications. This compact sensor can be mounted almost anywhere to detect potential leaks of halogenated refrigerants. Easy installation ensures fast and practical integration into existing automated systems.

The CHEMGARD gas monitor can monitor more than 60 gases in the TLV range, such as hydrocarbons, solvents, alcohols, alkanes and toxics. The photoacoustic infrared sensing technology provides precise, low cost and high performance monitoring. It is extremely stable and highly selective to the gas of interest and can operate for months with virtually no zero drift. An optional multi point sequencer can be included in the CHEMGARD to allow either 4 or 8 points to be sampled. The monitor provides 3 freely adjustable alarm levels and relay outputs for each alarm level.