Fixed fire & gas detection

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Tools List Fixed Fire And Gas Detection MSA-ITS offers a wide variety of fixed gas and flame monitoring solutions to detect combustible gases, toxic gases and oxygen deficiency/enrichment. Our instruments reflect the latest developments in sensor and instrumentation design using electrochemical, catalytic bead, ultrasonic, photoacoustic infrared, and both fixed point and open-path infrared sensing technologies. We offer many systems to meet your facility’s monitoring needs, from a single sensor in a stand-alone application to a large-scale, completely computerized installation consisting of thousands of sensing points. MSA-ITS also designs custom systems that are tailored to fit unique monitoring requirements. Event Tree For Gas Release List Fixed Fire And Gas Detection


47K Series Cost effective passive catalytic sensors to detect potentially hazardous concentrations of flammable gas and vapour in air up to 100% LEL. Available as Standard (ST), Poison Resistant (PRP), High Temperature (HT) versions with a complete range of accessories and junction boxes to meet virtually all industrial applications. Series 47K sensors used in combination with MSA Controllers fully meet the requirements of ATEX Directive 94/9/EC, including performance approval, and being SIL 2 capable they can be used as part of a safety related system. ATEX II 2G Ex d IIC T3/T4/T6, II 2D Ex tD A21 IP6X T85°C/T135°C/T200°Cincluding performance approval, SIL 2…

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9010/9020 SIL The control system 9010/9020 SIL provides maximum flexibility, simple operation, high reliability and superb performance at considerably reduced costs. In combination with the large range of MSA gas sensors, the 9010/9020 SIL excels in a variety of industrial applications there could be a presence of dangerous gas concentrations. The 9010 SIL control module processes signals from one gas sensor while the 9020 SIL processes signals from two independent gas sensors. ATEX II (1)G (2)G, SIL 2 FM, CCCF, EAC, performance approval in RU, KZ

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Power Supplies External power supplies enable remote powering of sensors. Internal power supply options are also available. One remote power supply module can power: • Up to five electrochemical or oxygen sensors. • Up to three combustible sensors.

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Calibration Kits For calibration of gas detection instruments and sensors MSA calibration kits, when used with appropriate calibration gas, offer quick, convenient and economical response check of MSA gas sensors and gas detection instrumentation. 14 calibration kits are available, and one is sure to meet your particular need. Calibration kits contain all components necessary to calibrate your MSA equipment. Kits are housed in lightweight carrying cases for easy transportation to the job site or sensor location. MSA also offers a wide assortment of calibration gases.

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